IT & Maintenance Services

When printers breakdown or malfunction, it is important for every business to have a reliable source that can carry out immediate repairs to reduce printer downtime. DP Dataproducts has been the trusted partner of many corporations and institutions for their complete corporate printer repair needs, due to our wide range of printer service plans that can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget.

Our popular printer service plans for repair and maintenance services include:

Printer Service Contracts
Printer Service Contracts are designed to restore printer uptime as quickly as possible, where repair, maintenance and parts costs are covered for a low annual fee. With Printer Service Contracts, you will be able to effectively predict the total costs for all your printing support, without the worry of unknown and sudden costs that put a strain on your business. You can now protect your most important office equipment against breakdowns or malfunctions, while minimising downtime in the most cost-effective manner.

Onsite Maintenance
With our Onsite Maintenance plan, you can have the convenience of having one of our service technicians come to you. Repair and maintenance of your printer will be carried out where it is located, which eliminates the need to take your printer offline, box it up and deliver it to our DP service centre.

Depot Service
Should your printer issues require more time to resolve, our Depot Service plan will be activated, where your equipment will be delivered directly to our DP service centre for repair and maintenance. With state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair technologies, we are able to provide you with fast and efficient warranted repairs.

Ad Hoc Service
If you require flexibility in terms of the payment of repair and maintenance services only when we are engaged, our Ad Hoc Service would be the most versatile plan for you. Our repair and maintenance services can be engaged as often as you require.

New and Refurbished Printers/Copiers
When you are ready to buy your first printer or to optimise and upgrade your current printer fleet, DP Dataproducts offers new and refurbished printers with significant cost savings over your local retail outlet. Tell us your printing requirements and we will recommend a printer that’s perfect for your needs.


DP Dataproducts’ IT professionals are committed to ensure your IT equipment performs optimally, which in turn helps your business to function efficiently. When a company fails to acknowledge the importance of a proper and well-maintained IT environment within the office, frustration is bound to arise when IT issues crop up. This is likely to translate into low productivity and bad business performance in the office.

Our popular IT services include:

  • Onsite assessment of your IT hardware and software.
  • Carrying out security, backup and disaster recovery on all your desktops/laptops and servers.
  • Setting up of networks and building infrastructure, as well as integrating servers and workstations into networks.
  • Providing cabling and network wiring services.
  • Providing domain registration, alongside email and website hosting.
  • Providing live monitoring of your office IT infrastructure on every desktop, laptop, server, mobile and networking device.

DP Dataproducts’ IT engineers identify and resolve any IT issues behind the scene, so that you can focus on your business, improve productivity and reduce downtime.


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